Monthly Archives: November 2014

A message of support, delivered as a rant

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 23.48.03A few months ago, a musical mystro mentioned about a humble, intriguing and passionate music fan that was looking to illustrate UK Hip Hop in a positive and innovative way. Marina Antonova openly explains how she knew nothing of Hip Hop, and after a choice encounter with Semtex among others her whole perspective of the scene was altered. Since then she’s been on a covert mission to do something to mark the scene’s influence and creativity and show the beauty of (certain) elements of the art form.

Vice contacted her to show the Delegates Of Rhyme’s take on things and also to show appreciation for what she was doing. After a few months of silence, Marina kindly returned with an almost heartbreaking tale of her crushed ambitions, and, as promised, a mention of DOR’s music. We know how hard this industry can be, and it’s horrible seeing people trying to make a difference and being stopped at every turn. We can’t say too much about what she is doing, but know this, if she reaches out for support we will be there, and you, as a fellow Hip Hop fan, alas, a fan of music, should also answer the call when it’s time.

Rant over.