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Reviews, news and Radio!

It’s been a busy few weeks in camp DOR. We’ve had an amazing response to “Look At What They Do” with loads of blogs, radio stations and DJs taking an interest in the track.

We’re trying to keep track of everything but here’s a few key bits that have taken place over the last fortnight:

We’ve been lucky enough to be played by some of the UK’s leading lights in online radio and FM stations. These include:
– BBC Introducing In The West
– Rapshack Radio w/ Agee on Itch FM
– The DJ Shorty and Shay D Show on Itch FM
– Ambush The Airwaves with Carasel on Ujima Radio
– Bedmo Disco Show on Invader FM
– Universal Magnetic Show on Ujima Radio
Plus love from a whole bunch of DJS and others shows

We’ve had a lot of online love for what we’re doing, including an amazing review of the track on Macaroni Press. Check the review here
We’ve also been supported by –
– Wordplay Magazine through twitter and various posts,  including the video premiere here
– with their spiffing review of the single! here
Plus:, Urban Vault, Ill Material, My Word Is Vinyl, RoxoPress and so many more (this list is nearly 50 strong now!)

Tomorrow night Vice will be on Carasel’s Ambush The Airwaves Show on Ujima Radio in Bristol. Tune in from 8 – 10pm on (or 98fm if you’re local to Bristol)


Donnie Numeric – Offbeat (Madlib Rework) (Audio)

Donnie NumericDonnie Numeric, the lyrical force behind the Delegates Of Rhyme tends to spend months if not years working alongside producers to craft completely original, sonically sound pieces that any MC would be proud of. BUT, from time to time, being that he’s an MC from the “real” Hip Hop generation that truly understood freestyling and lyricism, Donnie likes to rip up a beat or two! In this instance he devours a rather tasty Madlib beat. It’s short, and sweet, and is just another entree before the next course served by the Delegates Of Rhyme!

Saint Paul’s lifestyle review of Shadows (blog)

Saint Paul's LifestyleIn 2011, Vice, whilst with Genius Collective was lucky enough to be supported by the beast that is Saint Paul’s Lifestyle, a multi media giant that combine their blog, live shows, releases, a clothing line and many other strands. Rose Paul checked out “Shadows”, and this is what she had to say…..

” It is no secret that we are extremely excited about Jimmy Davis. His raw voice touches us and it is an absolute joy to see him working with Delegates Of Rhyme duo. There seems to be a natural harmony between Jimmy Davis and Delegates Of Rhyme, not only in the vocals, but also the sentiment within and without the words themselves. The meaning and discontent within the lyrics is echoed beautifully in the discordant dramatic jazzy music, which underscores and reinforces the animated and important voices. This is a tremendously exciting union of musical talent. Their impressive voices are housed and showcased in Wezism’s mesmerizingly shot video ‘Sometimes you have to embrace the dark side; don’t get it twisted though.”

A massive thank you to Saint Pauls and Rose for their support, and check out the full review here –


And whilst you’re there, be sure to check out their amazing site, which is full to the brim with musical and creative greatness!