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DOR’s end of year round up!

Howdi heido Yo people!
We hope you had / are having a lovely festive season, and we are really excited about 2016, as we hope you are.

Next year we finally have the release of The DOR’s debut album Assemblage, featuring a whole host of unheard gems from the duo. In addition, Vice will be releasing his EP Beats N Bobs, and Donnie Numeric will be following up his rather nice Yellow Haze¬†project. We have a bag of visuals, exclusives, remixes and good stuff to be bringing you too so it’s well worth staying tuned!

We just want to say thank you, truely, for supporting Delegates Of Rhyme aka DOR, and for sticking with us, we are assure you that 2016 will be a year that you won’t want to miss!

So, to play the year out, here’s the latest of the monthly installment’s from DOR’s very own Vice at the helm of the Wordplay Podcast. It’s got a run down of the year’s best albums plus an alternative Christmas mix!

Until next year people!